Why do I have the error message TSS9410E UNKNOWN CLASSNAME (PKW?RE ) FOR SVC (RACHECK )?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Why do I have the error message TSS9410E UNKNOWN CLASSNAME (PKWàRE ) FOR SVC (RACHECK )?


You need to define PKWARE class to the TSS RDT.

Here is the submitted job to define the RDT:

//* This job is intended for use with CA-Top Secret Security.   
//* Important? Read through the comment section and make required *   
//* tailoring changes before submitting this job. *   
//* Ref. CA Top Secret Security User's Guide   
//* CA Top Secret Security Command Reference   
//* Purpose: Define the Resource Class PKW?RE to the RDT.   
//* This step must be performed to prevent Top Secret   
//* from issuing the following message during SecureZIP   
//* processing.   
//* Subsequent steps are required to grant administrative   
//* authority to manage resources within it.   
//* Note: To remove this resource, use command:   
//* Process: From an ACID with authority to update the RDT,   
//* define RESCLASS(PKW?RE).   
//* STEP RDTDEF defines RESCLASS(PKW?RE) to the Resource Resource   
//* Definition Table. This step must be completed (either   
//* in this job, or at a previous time) before actions in   
//* the other steps may be attempted.   
//* Before Submitting this JOB:   
//* For step RDTDEF ...   
//* 1. Review the ACLST access permission definitions and consider   
//* whether implied hierarchical permission should be granted.   
//* If so, then modify the ACLST parameter as follows:   
//* Ref. CA-TSS User's Guide; "Unique Access Levels for   
//* Dynamically Defined Resources"   
//* 2. Select an available POSIT value in the installation.   
//* Use the POSIT keyword to specify the POSIT number associated   
//* with the class. The POSIT identifies a unique set of options   
//* associated with a resource class. There are 1024 POSIT   
//* numbers that can identify 1024 sets of option flags   
//* Installations can specify POSIT numbers 19-56 and 128-527.   
//* Numbers 0-18, 57-127, and 528-1023 are reserved for IBM use.   
//* Ref. CA-TSS User's Guide; "POSIT Keyword Class POSIT Number"   
//* 3. Conditionally define a unique Resource Code with the RESCODE   
//* operand. By default, TSS will assign an available value.   
//* Use the RESCODE keyword to: Supply an internal abbreviation for   
//* the RESCLASS resource class in ACID security records and in   
//* audit information.   
//* RDTDEF Notes:   
//* ACLST - Defines allowable permission levels   
//* NODEFPROT - Deactivates default protection   
//* DEVACC - default access level CA Top Secret assigns   
//* GENERIC - Supports generic prefixing for this resource class   
//* MASK - Supports masking for this resource class   
//* MAXLEN - Maximum resource length   
//* on a TSS PERMIT   
//* ATTR(NODEFPROT) is recommended during the initial setup phase perm   
//* a phased approach to rule implementation. Once all intended permi   
//* have been validated, ATTR(DEFPROT) may be set in accordance with   
//* installation policy.   
//* Important: Resource controls such as AUTHCHK_CERTAUTH.ENABLED whi   
//* used to trigger conditional processing based upon their reported e   
//* of protection/allowance within the security server may not functio   
//* same way when DEFPROT is used.   
MAXLEN(246) -   
POSIT(501) -   

It is confirmed that after running this job, the error message TSS9410E UNKNOWN CLASSNAME (PKW RE ) FOR SVC (RACHECK)

is not there anymore.