Why did RECEIVE job receive more FMIDs than selected?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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I am in the process of installing CCS r14.1 S1401. I ran the AW03RECD job to receive 11 FMIDs. When I checked the output, I discovered that there were 12 FMIDs received. I did not select CAW3E11 (CAIENF/CICS SPAWN) but this was received anyway.

Why was CAW3E11 received?
Is it a mandatory component/FMID?



The reason CAW3E11 was received is a direct result of how SMP/E is designed and how the SMPMCS provided by CA Common Services (CCS) was delivered. Take a look at the following excerpts taken from the SMPMCS file delivered with the previous and current releases of CCS.


At CCS v14.0, the ++FUNCTION statement for CAIENF/CICS SPAWN looked like this:

++VER     (Z038)

Beginning with CCS r14.1, the ++FUNCTION statement for CAIENF/CICS SPAWN looks like this:

++VER(Z038) FMID(CAW3E10)

Notice how the ++VER statement changed to include FMID(CAW3E10). This is the FMID for CAIENF/CICS. So based on the SMP/E design, the control card RECEIVE FORFMID (CAW3E10), will cause the the FMID of CAW3E11 to be selected as a result.


The CAIENF/CICS SPAWN component is not mandatory. If you do not have a requirement for the CAIENF/CICS SPAWN component as specifically requested by a CA mainframe product, than you have no need to install this component. You may elect to run an SMP/E REJECT of CAW3E11 to remove it from the GLOBAL zone, or simply exclude it from the SELECT list in the subsequent apply job, AW04APP.