Why are we getting this MCD error when trying to create a new CA Librarian Master file: *** ERROR *** INVALID -MCD STATEMENT.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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We are trying to create a new CA Librarian Master file and assign the MCD in the job that defines the new Master file using this: 

-OPT INIT,DISK,VAR,ARC=005,SEQ=/73,8,10,10/,RESEQ 
-MCD INITM,0000 


And getting the following error:



What is wrong and how do we resolve the error?



The MCD or management code consists of a site-specified four-digit base code combined with the date the CA Librarian job is executed in either MMDD or DDMM format. The format of the date is determined by the IBM STDJC marco. 


Example 1 using MMDD date format -
 If you are running the INIT job on Aug 21 and want to assign a base code of 0000 to the Master file, then the MCD specified on the -MCD statement would be 0821.  The sum of base code 0000 and the execution date of 0821. 


Example 2 using DDMM date format - 
  If you run the INIT job on Oct 18 and want to assign a base code of 5000, then the MCD would be 6810.  
  The sum of base code 5000 and the execution date of 1810.  


Additional Information: 

For more information on using MCD, how to specify the MCD, and MCD restrictions, please see the CA Librarian Security Administration Guide.