Why are there multiple STARTED msgs in DQ batch jobs?

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This is a good FAQ unfortunately I have forgotten the answer.
I am submitting a DQ batch job from CICS.
The MUF does NOT have external security turned on.
Why am I getting three DB00101I STARTED messages?
From CA Dataquery for CA Datacom Administration Guide 14.0

DQL Mode Processing.

- To process a DQL Mode query, CA Dataquery first parses and edits the query. This involves using the CA Datacom Datadictionary Service Facility to validate key names, column names, and authorization data. This validation process also retrieves the information necessary to determine where and how to access the requested data. (This is the first TASK).

- Next CA Dataquery uses information retrieved from CA Datacom Datadictionary, such as TABLE-ID, DBID, and key name to formulate the appropriate CA Datacom/DB request to access the requested data. If CA Dataquery is running under CICS, this request is passed to CA Datacom CICS Services for staging. CA Datacom CICS Services controls CA Datacom/DB request traffic in the CICS region. (This is possibly another TASK).

- The request is then passed to the CA Datacom/DB interface which controls traffic to the MUF. The request is then passed to the Multi-User Facility MUF for processing. (This is the last TASK).

After processing is complete, the retrieved data is passed back through this same chain to CA Dataquery where further processing may take place.
Once CA Dataquery processing is complete, the results may be displayed in report format on the terminal or on a hardcopy printer. Query results may also be saved for later use.
Additional Information:
So, there are UP to three Tasks generated,  three DB00101I STARTED messages displayed, when submitting a Dataquery.

Another case where you may see three DB00101I STARTED messages: 
"If I run a DQBATCH DEFER to release any held DEFERRED queries, if there are no deferred queries found, I see 2 DB00101I STARTED messages. If it finds a DEFERRED query, I see 3 DB00101I STARTED messages and the third one is because the DEFER job is actually executing the held query."

===> Overall, do not assume that there is only one task generated per BATCH DataQuery. <==