Why are some users detected by the TIM and not detected by the EM?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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     In addition to identifying transactions, the Transaction Impact Monitor (TIM) can identify login names, based on login and session parameters defined for a specific application.



     Why are some users detected by the TIM not detected by on the EM? Specifically, does the TIM log message "found login id" mean that the TIM reported the login name to EM/ CEM UI?



     Since each application definition has its own specific login and session parameters, Tim does not try to perform login identification, unless the TIM can identify the transaction containing the login information (so that the TIM knows which login and session parameters to use). CEM does not provide a way to mark a transaction as a logout transaction and does not provide any explicit way to mark a transaction as a login transaction. Therefore, any transaction that has both the login and session id parameters can be considered a login transaction by CEM. Tim uses the following algorithm for finding session id parameters:

 •For a login transaction (one having the specified login and session id parameters), a session id parameter in the response is preferred over one in the request.
 •For all other transactions, only the request is used to find the session id parameter.

     If the TIM log message says that TIM found a login id, this does not necessarily mean that the login name is reported to EM. If only the user identifier value is found and TIM cannot associate the user identifier with a sessionID , the TIM will not report this user login to EM in a transaction defect. When this association is successful though, you will see messages such as the following in the TIM log:

"Trace: Component #000: found login id "<user_name>"
"Trace: TranUnit #000: map login "<user_name>" to session "00007AT9yzQIuuGLedW5IW0TBZw:-1" (new), user group ""
statsMgr.NEW Stats: type=enterprise, AppDefId=1, TranDefId=600000000000000027/0/0/1249553655913, SessionId=00007AT9yzQIuuGLedW5IW0TBZw:-1 [LoginName=<user_name> UserGroup=] "


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