Why are Reports, that were Pre-Spool Processed by CA Deliver, No longer Processed that way?

Document ID : KB000024359
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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This article explains one reason that may be the cause of a report that is no longer pre-spool processed in CA Deliver.


The following CA View and CA Deliver utility programs SARINIT, SARDBB, SARDBASE, RMODBB, or RMODBASE output require post spool processing, because pre-spool capture of these CA View and CA Deliver programs' output is no longer allowed. Also reports generated by these programs are not candidates for dynamic report creation.

An S138 abend is caused by a database conflict with jobs being pre-spool processed that have steps that execute programs that are prefixed with SAR (for example, SARDBASE), RMO (for example, RMOGRW), ECx for release 12.2 (for example, EC2DRV), As a result, to prevent the abend, CA Deliver was changed so that it will only post-spool process the output of CA Deliver and CA View utilities.

So, if any sysouts are not being processed by CA Deliver, then you may need to change the job from being processed pre-spool to being processed post-spool.

More information can be found in the CA View/Deliver Reference Guides.