Why are new logs being generated since upgrading to Service Desk 14.1.03?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Upgraded to Service Desk 14.1.03 and noticed that new logs were being generated in $NXROOT\log.

Where are the logs generated from and can I disable them?

Service Desk manager 14.1.03

These logs are generated from the pdm_startup and pdm_startup.tpl files in the following directory.


In these files the appropriate process will need to be located that relates back to the log which should be disabled.

For example the esEvents.log is generated from the following:


; Elastic Search - Event Based Loading Daemon

PDM_ES_SEARCH_NXD(pdm_es_search_nxd, $NX_LOCAL_HOST, "es_index_proc")


after domsrvr connects + 5


If the esEvents.log file should be prevented from being written to, then this process should be commented out in the pdm_startup and pdm_startup.tpl files.

Then re-start Service Desk services in order for the changes to take affect.

Additional Information:

Each process in the pdm_startup and pdm_startup.tpl files has a command similar to the following:

after domsrvr connects + 5

If errors are being logged related to the initial domsrvr connection, then this value can be increased to allow additional time for the connection to be made.

Values are in seconds so + 5 = 5 seconds, + 120 would allow 120 seconds for the connection to be made.