CA PPM: Why are new departments missing from the Department Browse Lookup?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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In PPM, we've created new departments by going to Home > Departments and adding new entries there. These newly created departments are available for selection in the Project Properties > General page under the Department OBS field.

However, when we navigate to the Project Properties > Financial section and browse on the Department lookup field there, the new departments we created before don't show up.

Similarly, when we navigate to Administration > Objects > Project > and try to enter a default for the Department attribute, our newly created departments do not show up there either.



Why do these newly created departments not show up in the lookup browse for the Department field of the project? They were successfully created and show up in the Department OBS fields.

Applies to all supported PAS environments for specified releases.

In order for departments to show up in the Department field of the Financial section of a Project, and in the lookup list for the Department attribute of the Project object, the departments must be associated to a location.

Associate the departments you have created with a location and they will show up in the lookup browse for the Department fields.

To associate a department with a location:

1. In PPM, go to Home->Departments 

2. Open the affected department

3. Select the Properties drop down then 'Locations'

4. Click 'Add'

5. Click the check box next to the Location to be added, then click 'Add'

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