Why are my ETCs on tasks being redistributed for future months?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Why are my ETCs being redistributed for future months?

Applies to all supported PAS environments for specified releases.

This can be related to the loading pattern set for the assignment. For example, if loading pattern is set to 'Front', after running the Post Timesheets job, ETCs will be updated to be completed as closed to the start of the task as possible.

To keep assignment ETCs from being redistributed for future months, you can set the assignment Loading Pattern to Fixed. However, please note when the Post Timesheets job is run, this loading pattern type will cause any remaining ETC for posted (past) time periods to be be deleted.

To update the loading pattern for one assignment:

  1. Go to the task and then scroll down to the assignments section 
  2. Go to the Loading Pattern column and change the loading pattern type from the existing loading pattern to Fixed and Save. (If the Loading Pattern column is not visible in the assignments list, to add it:
  • Select the Options icon next to Assignments then select Configure
  • Move 'Loading Pattern' from 'Available Columns' to 'Selected Columns'
  • Click 'Save and Return'

To change the default loading pattern for all new assignments:


  1. Open Administration, and from Project Management, click Settings
  2. Update the following field: Default Load Pattern 
    Values: Back, Uniform, Fixed, Contour, or Front 
    Default: Front 
  3. Save the changes
Additional Information:

- Click here for more information on Loading Patterns

- Reference TEC435552 : Logic for Calculating ETC for Timesheets and Posting