Why are multiple VTAT transactions seen when monitoring a program with CA Intertest for CICS?

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Last Modified Date : 12/07/2018
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An application programmer may notice multiple messages similar to the following written to the CICS //MSGUSR DD while stepping through code.
20:18:12 CTS1 NVIGB001 APP1NIR VTAT SET TASK(27854)
20:18:13 CTS1 NVIGB001 APP1NIR VTAT SET TASK(27856)
20:18:13 CTS1 NVIGB001 APP1NIR VTAT SET TASK(27857)
What is the reason for all these messages and task numbers?
Why are multiple VTAT transactions, each with a separate task number, executed while stopping at breakpoints and stepping through a program?
Monitoring a CICS program with CA InterTest for CICS release 10 or release 11.
The VTAT transaction is an internal CA InterTest for CICS transaction used only for handling breakpoints and is created and executed at each stop in a program, either at a breakpoint or possibly single stepping through code. For each VTAT execution, a separate task is created, so depending upon what the user is doing, it is possible to see many VTAT tasks created when monitoring a program. 
Additional Information:
Information about VTAT can be found in the Product Requirements section of the CA InterTest and CA Symdump release 10.0 or release 11.0 documentation wiki