Why are changes to the MIGRATOR PARMLIB member being ignored and how can I determine where the parameter values are being picked up from?

Document ID : KB000054779
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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I want to amend the PDSSHR parameter in the MIGRATOR PARMLIB member from YES to NO, so that DDname DDLFILET is not dynamically allocated.

I update the MIGRATOR PARMLIB member, setting PDSSHR to NO, but the change is ignored and DDname DDLFILET is still dynamically allocated.

PDSSHR  (NO)                       /* OUTPUT PDS USAGE.  SPECIFY    */
                                   /* YES IF THE ANALYSIS PDS WILL  */
                                   /* BE SHARED BY MULTIPLE USERS.  */

There is no where in the job output to determine where the PDSSHR parameter default is being picked up from.


Check to see if an alternate PARMLIB member exists for RC/Migrator, called RCMIGxx. This can be verified by entering the STATUS command on the DB2 Tools Product Main Menu. This will display the status of each PARMLIB member processed.

If an RCMIGxx PARMLIB member exists for this environment then it is read as the default. The old default, MIGRATOR, is ignored.

In this case, amend the PDSSHR parameter in the RCMIGxx PARMLIB member, to set the default to NO and then rerun the job.