Why am I seeing Tablespaces being left in AREO* status after running the R19 Post Install ssid0001 job?

Document ID : KB000047577
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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A Post Install upgrading to R19 release (ssid0001) made changes to a group of PTDB tables namely the addition of new columns and has left the tablespaces in AREO* status.


The R19 Post Install (ssid0001) may leave some PTDB objects in AERO* status. This may happen during an upgrade when a product table is updated to include a new column or when the column type changes, etc. When that happens, the Post Install Compare DB2 Object task will generate ALTER DDL statements to add column(s) or change the column attributes. No REORG is generated as part of that process and the outcome is that some PTDB tablespaces end up in AREO* status.

At the time of publication of this document, CA can’t provide an immediate solution in the Post Install. In order to enable REORGs the process would also have to provide a complete recovery infrastructure in case the REORG fails and a recovery is needed. This problem will be addressed in a future release.

The main impact is that the tablespace could experience performance degradation until the object is reorganised. Also, where PTDB tablespaces have been found to be in AREO* status already possibly from a prior Post Install, subsequent Post Install jobs could also receive a -650 when a column of the table is being altered to change the default value. This could happen where the column was added after the last REORG and so was not part of the original table definition and can't be altered till a REORG has been done. 


Until this is corrected please check the status of PTDB tablespaces after a Post Install and run a REORG utility on the affected tablespaces to clear any AREO* status to ensure optimum performance of the CA products. If there are any other non-RW status left please contact CA Support before continuing further. The Post Install should also clear any COPY Pending status to produce image copies at the end of the job.