Why am I getting an IECTMS3 dddd,vvvvvv is not scratch with a Reason Code of 22?

Document ID : KB000026671
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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All of my scratch mounts result in the following error message 'IECTMS3 dddd,vvvvvv IS NOT SCRTCH (22)'. 

We recently implemented some security related parameter changes, including: PPOPTION parameter DSEALL to 'Yes'.


All releases of CA 1.


This change causes TMSCLEAN to turn on the X'08' bit in FLAG3 of the TMC record. 

If this change was intentional, then prior to being able to use any scratch tape where this bit has been updated, you will have to run either the utility TMSTPPRO PARM=ERASE or the utility CTSDEU. (refer to the CA-1 Tape Management Utilities and Report Reference Guide for details). 

Note: Utility TMSTPPRO is not recommended for usage when the tapes to be read are in a robotic type of device, such as IBM 3494/3495 or STK silo.

If you want to back out the change, modify the PPOPTION parameter to 'DSEALL=NO' and re-run TMSINIT.

Under these circumstances, the x'08' bit must still be turned off, so as an alternative to using TMSTPPRO, you can execute the TMSUPDTE utility, with the following control statements:

For an individual volser:

VOL vvvvvv,NODSN

For a range of volsers: