Why am I getting a TLD001 for the TNTDD file, on an Import?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Problems with Telon VSAM files.


Why am I getting a TLD001 for the TNTDD file, on an Import? 

Importing a program into the Telon Design Facility.

Getting a TLD001 on an Import usually means there are problems with the VSAM files.

In this case it was the TNTDD file, which was empty. 

Doing a daily Backup and Restore of the Telon VSAM files, only did a DEL/DEF, with no REPRO.


Additional Information:

If a Telon VSAM file is to be restored, all the Telon VSAM files must be restored from the same date/time backup to be in SYNC.  

You cannot isolate a single VSAM file from the

TDF database without running into problems.  To create an entirely new set

database files, run JIDCAMS (in CAWLINST) using CTDFVSAM as input, but    

instead of using the CAWLVSMI members to initialize the files, use your old

backup set of VSAM files; i.e., use your backup TNTDD to initialize your 5.1  

TNTDD, use your backup TNTCCL to initialize your 5.1 TNTCCL, etc.