Why, after selecting 'Full Install' in CSM, am I missing some PRF Target and Distribution datasets when earlier versions of the CA DB2 Tools (pre-r18) had them?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Why are there missing SMP/E Target and Distribution datasets (compared to earlier versions of the CA Database Management Solutions for DB2 for z/OS)

when I select the 'Full Install' option in CA Chorus Software Manager (CSM) to install the CA DB2 Tools?

CSM 6.0, CA DB2 Tools r18, r19, and future releases.

By design, the CPRFx01 and CPRFx02 (where 'x' represents the release character) are commented out so they are not included in the install list.

The missing datasets correlate to these two FMIDs (E.G. CDBACICS, CDBAIMS, CDBAFORM, ADBAFORM).

If the Report Facitlity for CICS (CPRFx01) or IMS (CPRFx02) need to be installed, you can easily add them to your CA DB2 Tools CSI

by doing a subsequent 'Custom Install' and just selecting the CPRFx01 and/or CPRFx02 FMIDs.


You will need to make certain that the CA DB2 Tools' CSI that was previously created via the 'Full Install' has been added to the Working Set in CSM.