Who marked PANLIB member for DELETE?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The delete is done as part of weekly maintenance by a Job which does a scan of the PANLIB to delete the members that are in Disabledstatus. Is there a way to determine who moved items to disabled status?


To see who last changed a PANLIB member, you can use either batch or ISPF.

Using the ISPF option, on either the browse or edit MSL selection panel, look toward the bottom and set option MSL DISPLAY Options: to C for "Last Update/LOCK".

Before a delete run you can use batch job PAN#2 ++PRINT 0-UP,EXTDIR,STATUS=D to see who put items in disabled status.

When you use PAN#2 ++DELETE DISABLE the selected members are deleted from the PANLIB and moved to a protection file.
After that delete run you can run PAN#2 ++RESTORE membername.

This will pull the member back from the protection file and restore it to a PANLIB in TAE status. Then you can use either of the methods described before to identify who updated the member last.

Sample JCL:

//PRINT   EXEC PGM=PAN#2                                                      //PANDD1    DD DSN=YOUR.PANLIB,DISP=SHR                                       //SYSPRINT  DD SYSOUT=*                                                       //SYSPUNCH  DD SYSOUT=*                                                       //SYSIN     DD *                                                              ++PRINT 0-UP,EXTDIR,STATUS=D                                                  /*                                                              //RESTORE   EXEC PGM=PAN#2                                                  //SYSPRINT    DD  SYSOUT=*                                                    //PANDD1      DD  DSN=YOUR.PANVALET.PANLIB,DISP=SHR                           //PANDD2      DD  DUMMY                                                       //PANDD3      DD  DSN=YOUR.PANVALET.BACKUP,DISP=SHR                           //SYSIN       DD  *                                                           ++RESTORE  membername                                                         /*