While trying to launch EM console, the following message is displayed :EM CONSOLE: CAGI_W_NOINDEXFILE, Index file D:\Program Files\CA\SC\CCS\WVEM\LOGS\20080812.ldx was not found. Click "Yes" to generate index.

Document ID : KB000053945
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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This error occurs if any of the corresponding .IDX or .LDX or .LOG files are missing in the ..\CA\SC\CCS\WVEM\LOGS folder.
Unicenter EM in such a case, tries to re-create the missing indexes.


  • Stop CAF using 'CAF STOP'
  • Stop the Unicenter services using 'UNICNTRL STOP ALL'
  • Move all files from the "D:\Program Files\CA\SC\CCS\WVEM\Logs" folder to another location.
  • Run 'OPRFIX'
  • Start the Unicenter services using 'UNICNTRL START ALL'
  • Start CAF using 'CAF START'