While monitoring a program with CA Intertest CICS the programmer receives an automatic breakpoint code CC on a READQ TS command.

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Last Modified Date : 15/06/2018
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The client just upgraded to CA Intertest CICS r 11. While monitoring a program with CA Intertest CICS a CICS READQ TS command is stopped with an automatic breakpoint with message CICS Target area is beyond permitted storage.
When the user press PF1 for additional information the automatic breakpoint code is CC. If the programmer removes monitoring from the program in question the program runs without any problem or errors.
During an active monitoring session CA Intertest CICS inspects every instruction executed by the monitored program. If  CA InterTest  CICS detects a potential problem with an application program it will stop program execution and issue an
 Automatic Breakpoint (ABP) screen.
In this example CA Intertest CICS issued an ABP(CC) on a CICS READQ TS command and indicated a possible storage violation-overlay when issuing this command. CA Intertest CICS keeps track of all the storage the program-task owns.
 If the program tries to update storage it does not own CA Intertest CICS will issue the automatic breakpoint with message  CICS target area beyond permitted storage. There are two ABP code associated with possible storage violations 06 and CC.
The storage area about to be affected is, entirely or in part, outside of the storage that is legally available to this CICS application.

The storage area about to be affected by this EXEC CICS command resides, all or in part, outside the CICS main storage legally available to this application program. The area could have been specified as INTO ( ), SET ( ) or one of the LENGTHs.
In this case the programs READQ TS was overlaying storage that it did not own .
The client corrected the overlay in the READQ TS. In this case there was a gap between the length of the receiving data and the length parameter in the READQ TS command. In some situation’s updating of storage not owned by the task is allowed due to application design. In these cases the ABP breakpoint  can be overridden.