While installing CA Datacom/AD version 14.0, I received a CC 12 in AXCUS01 for the assembly of the DBSIDPR module, with an error: DSN_XXX MUST INCLUDE '???'

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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I am installing CA Datacom/AD version 14.0, and when I ran AXCUS01, the assembly of the DBSIDPR module had a Condition Code of 12, and these errors in the assembly listing:

** ASMA254I *** MNOTE *** 3+ 4,DSN_XXX MUST INCLUDE '???' 

My DBSYSID macro has the CXX defined with DSN_XXX=SYS1.DATACOM.V14R00.MYMUF.CXX, so I don't understand the problem.

Please explain the message, and the '???' for me.


With version 14.0 of CA Datacom/AD, we are providing better data integrity and protection for the Multi-User Facility (called MUF) through the use of the Simplify feature. This is a requirement for CA Datacom/AD, and is enabled in the DBSYSID macro definition with SIMPLIFY_MODE=YES.

In Simplify mode, we eliminate the possibility of using the wrong CXX or LXX/FXX in the MUF and in other jobs by removing the DD statements for the CXX, FXX, LXX from those jobs. In this case, the MUF will dynamically allocate these files based on settings in the DBSIDPR module. To get those file names for processing, we extract the value of the DSN_XXX file mask.

This mask is of the format 'xxxxxxxx.xxxxxxxx.???' where the xxxxxxxx.xxxxxxxx is replaced by the high-level qualifiers of the files you want to use in this MUF. The '???' literal string is required, and the MUF will replace that with 'CXX', 'LXX' or 'FXX' as appropriate.

For example, if you want to use these files:


then you would want this setting in your DBSIDPR: DSN_XXX=SYS1.DATACOM.V14R00.MYMUF.???

Once this value is set correctly, the assembly should be successful.

For more information about the Simplify feature, please refer to the CA Datacom/AD Release Notes for version 14.0 , in the section "New Features and Enhancements › Simplify Feature."

For more information about the DBSYSID macro and its various parameters, please refer to the CA Datacom/DB Database and System Administration Guide for version 14.0, in the section "Using the Multi-User Facility › Modifying DBSIDPR Parameters."

As always, please contact CA Technologies support for CA Datacom if you have further questions.