Which table in the database corresponds to the 'Allocation' values on the Project Team Staff page?

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Which table in the database corresponds to the 'Allocation' values on the Project: Team: Staff page? 


Finding the corresponding tables that maps to various attributes and fields in the applicationis very useful when creating custom reports and portlets. Additional information on the database tables can be found in the Technical Reference Guide which is available in the DocOps Wiki product pages.

The Total Allocation for the Team Staff Member can be found on PRTEAM.PRALLOCSUM. This column is the total allocation of the resource to the project, in units of seconds for labor and equipment resources. This column is set by the time slicing background process which cracks the BLOB field into readable numbers.  

The time-varying segment data you see on the Team, Detail page uses an internal or 'insta-slice' time slice definition and it is limited in date range and if you query the data from this slice you may not get the full data you expect.

For using the slice data in reporting or queries, it is best to use visible, external Time Slice definitions.  Go to Administration, Time Slices page and sort the list by 'Item'.  The stock time slice used in the application for Resource Finder and Datamart allocations is Slice #10 - DAILYRESOURCEALLOCCURVE.

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