Where should I install Unicenter Asset Portfolio Management (UAPM) 11.3.4 patches in a 2-tier or 3-tier environment?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Where should I install Unicenter Asset Portfolio Management 11.3.4 patches in a 2-tier or 3-tier environment?


Environment: Windows


Unicenter Asset Portfolio Management consists of 3 components. These are named "Argis", "Argweb", and "Connct". When a patch is created, it may be designed to solve issues in one, two, or all three components. Patches need to be applied on the server where the affected components reside.

The Argis and Connct components reside on the Management Console server and the Argweb and Connct components are installed on the Web Server. The Connct component is installed on any type of UAPM server since it is this component that handles connection to the MDB database.

When you receive a test or published patch for UAPM, it may consist of one or more .JCL files or a single .CAZ file. In some instances, you will be instructed to extract the .CAZ file using the CAZipXP utility before installing the patch with ApplyPTF. At other times, you are instructed to simply install the .CAZ file directly using ApplyPTF without extracting it first. An extracted .CAZ file may contain one or more .JCL files, which you then apply one at a time using ApplyPTF. So how do you determine where to apply the files you have received?

If a patch is designed to update more than one component, you will be instructed to extract the "CAZ" file. This will contain more than one .JCL file; each corresponding to a component you have installed. You may receive patches that include as many as three .JCL files - one for each component.

Any .JCL file beginning or ending with the letter "A" targets the "Argis" component. This corresponds with the Management Console located on your Management Console server. A .JCL file beginning or ending with "W" targets the "Argweb" component, which corresponds to the UAPM Web Server; a .JCL file beginning or ending with "C" is designed to update the Connct component, which is located on each of your UAPM servers, both Management Console and Web Site. So, an "A" .JCL file needs to be applied on the Management Console Server, A "W" .JCL file needs to be applied on the UAPM Web Server, and a "C" .JCL file needs to be applied on both servers.

Sometimes you will receive a patch which is only going to update a single component. When this is the case, Sustaining Engineering customarily releases only a single .JCL or .CAZ file with the patch, and it is usually given simply the patch name for a file name. To determine which server a patch like this should be installed on, you should examine the patch description and installation instructions file that came with it. These are almost always named <PatchNumber>.txt and contain a description of what the patch is designed to fix along with instructions for installing it. What you should pay attention to is the first line in a <patchName>.txt file. It is here that you can see which component the patch is designed to update.

For example, in "t5e2185.txt" the first line says, "PRODUCT: Argis (Web Version)". "Web Version" tells you that this is a patch for the Argweb component, so the single .JCL or .CAZ file you are instructed to apply needs to go on the UAPM Web Site server - which is where the "Argweb" or "W" component resides.