Where is the Spectrum alarm severity file stored for conditional (varbind-based) alarms? (Legacy KB ID CNC TS33755 )

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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severity maps live under SS/CsVendor/<vendor>/SeverityMaps/<map file name>. We don't currently support them in the custom directory.

Note that the vendor depends on what vendor (if any) you specify in the severity map action. If you leave it out, it will default to the directory where the event disp file lives, then you also will need the severity map dir there. The map name is the name of the map you specify in the action.

E.g, assuming they work on the EventDisp in SS/CsVendor/CUSTOMER_DEFS:

0xffff0000 E 50 A { v 1 mysevmap }, 0xffff0000

Uses map named mysevmap, in the local dir (SS/CsVendor/CUSTOMER_DEFS/SeverityMaps/mysevmap)


0xffff0001 E 50 A { v 1 CA.sevmap1 }, 0xffff0001

Uses sevmap1, from the CA vendor. So the map in this case would be:



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Problem Environment:
Spectrum 9.x

(Legacy KB ID CNC TS33755 )