Where is the resource Default % Allocation field stored in the database

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Where is the resource Default % Allocation field stored in the database?



The data for Default Allocation % is stored in a blob field.


All resources are automatically allocated at 100% of their available working days. The Default Allocation % field on a Team record is stored in a blob field. The Project Manager has the ability to edit Staff Member details for the Team record.

Default % Allocation

Defines the percentage of time you want the resource to be allocated to this investment (you can enter "0%"). This change updates the Allocation and Allocation % columns on the investment's Team: Staff page.

From the Bookshelf, locate the Technical Reference Guide



This column refers to the system-generated allocation rate curve. The rate curve value is calculated by multiplying the PRALLOCDEFAULT rate by the resource calendar's hours per week. Users can create exceptions in CA PPM, Open Workbench (OWB), or Microsoft® Project (MSP) Allocation Segments.

This is the only reference to the PRALLOCDEFAULT attribute, which is included in the curve.

The PRALLOCCURVE field is a BLOB field that cannot be read through a SQL query. It can only be read through JAVA code.