Where is the information found that is used to expand the symbolic %PTILIB1 used in various PDA models (e.g. model MJUTLPT)?

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Certain symbolics are used within models to represent values. One of these
is the %PTILIB1 - System Automatic Symbolic. This is expanded to the main CA loadlib used at your site.


The Model JCL Substitution Screen will expand the symbolic so that you can see the value being used.

The value is from the DSNAMExx member in highlevel.PARMLIB library.
It is associated with the first library on the keyword 'PTILIB'.

To see the name of the DSNAMExx member that is actually being used (xx can be changed according to user requirements) use the STATUS top line command when you are in the CA product menu.

Also from the CA main menu "Unicenter DB2 Products Main Menu" you can type GP under 'General Facilities' for 'Global Prof. Variables'.
Then review '2 - Execution Libraries' where the DSNAMESxx values will be displayed and can temporarily (that session) be changed.

These are system variables that are not explicitly set by Database Analyzer but are set by the CA common services that Database Analyzer uses.

General definition:

High level summary.

User Symbolics (US) values are established when the Action Proc is defined and the user is prompted to fill in the value like for example %FULL must be assigned a value by the user.
Automatic Symbolics (AS) values are set by the product (PDA) and can not be overridden like %DBNAME.
User Automatic Symbolic (UAS) values are established with a #SET command.
This is described in PDA MENU option T-->6-->4-->5 under #SET command description.
System Automatic Symbolics (SAS) values are set by the common services that the product uses and can not be overwritten like for example %PTILIBx.

Additional Information can be found in CA Database Analyzer Reference Guide Chapter 5 under Model JCL and Model JCL Substitution.