Where is the CA Librarian module FAIRC module for FORTRAN?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Where are the CA Librarian FAIR modules for FORTRAN?   

Librarian V4.4Fortran

The former FORTRAN FAIR modules are now CSECTs and are called by the FAIRxxx2 modules. See the list below:

Old Module             New Module 

FAIRC                      FAIRCLS2

FAIRE                      FAIRERR2

FAIRL                      FAIRLOC2

FAIRM                     FAIRMOD2

FAIRN                     FAIRNTE2

FAIRO                     FAIROPN2

FAIRP                      FAIRPNT2  

FAIRR                      FAIRREC2

FAIRS                      FAIRSEC2


The FAIR Fortran CSECTs have also been merged into FAIROPN.

You need to reassemble and link your Fortran source modules with CA Librarian V4.4.