Where does NFA get the device IP from?

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Last Modified Date : 03/10/2018
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Where does NFA get the device IP from?

Devices will not show up in the NFA GUI with the network address. Network engineers must just a source address. 


To choose a source address you must choose an active interface with an IP Address on the device to source the flow.

Traditional Netflow example:
router1 (config)# ip flow-export source loopback0

Flexible  Netflow example: 
router1 (config)# flow exporter EXPORTER-1
router1 (config-flow-exporter)# loopback0

If a network engineer changes the source address, NFA will treat the new address as a separate router. 


  • Use the loopback address
  • Don't switch source addresses if you don't want data to split over different devices.