Where do I look to find the program statement number outlined in an error message at runtime on a Unix system?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When compiling use the compile option: +L.


When compiling use the compile option: +L.
A pgmname.LST file will be created. Within this file you will find the statement number outlined in the error message.

EZEIP003 The following error occurred while converting a field to 
Number to be converted contained an invalid digit or an invalid sign
EZEIP992 Internal P-Code offset: 138 . 
EZABX008 The error occurred at program statement number 21. 
EZABX016 The program executed the following statements most recently: 
21 19 
from the compile listing: 
20 * 
21 IF F2P GE 2 
22 WS-ID = 'XX' 
( F2P is defined as: "F2P 3 6 P 2")

The +L parameter is explained in the Easytrieve User Guide in chapter 4 "Submitting Your Program for Non-Mainframe Compilation " - "Options" - "Generate a Compiler Listing to a File Parameter (+L) ". This is page 4-18 in the release 11 User Guide.