Where can I locate the SQL State error messages for the CA Visual DBA product? For example SQL State=IM002.

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Where can I locate the SQL State error messages for the CA Visual DBA product? For example while trying to connect Visual DBA to the IDMS Mainframe, it fails with the message: SQL State =IM002?

  • From the Visual DBA Node Menu, Client selects one of the nodes, hits the 'Connect DOM' button, in the 'CA IDMS DriverConnect' panel, enters Userid and Password and hits the 'OK' button. The connect fails with the following message:
        CA IDMS Connect status for SQL connect
        SQL state = IM002. 


The SQL State error messages for the CA Visual DBA or IDMS Server products are located in the Microsoft's ODBC Programmer's Reference. For the most common values encountered, see the table at the end of this document. To resolve two particular errors, IM002 & IM003, see the details below.

IM002 means the Data source name not found and no default driver specified.

The resolution is to check if a valid Data Source name has been provided. If no data source is defined, one must be created. If none was specified, one must be chosen from the existing data sources. If one was provided, then the definition must be verified. All these tasks can be done in the ODBC Administrator, which can be accessed as follows:

Start -> Programs -> Computer Associates -> Advantage -> CA-IDMS Server -> ODBC Administrator. Once the menu opens, get current on the Data Source that is being used to connect to the mainframe, and click 'Configure'. That will bring up the following window:

Figure 1

If Visual DBA is using an existing data source, verify the definition. Use the 'Test' button to validate that the definition is correct. If no definition is specified, one must be created here. In creating the driver, or verifying it, the IDMS Driver must be specified, as shown below:

Figure 2

Another reason for the IM002 error is if IDMS Server is not installed on that PC and therefore the CA IDMS Driver is not available. The Ca IDMS Server PC-based components must be installed on every PC where Visual DBA is to be executed.

IM003 means the Specified driver could not be loaded.

One resolution is to check if the C:\CA_APPSW directory is included in the system path. This setting can also be checked in the Windows/Control Panel/System/

System Properties/Advanced/Environment Variables tab. The 'User Variables' for your PC should contain:

   Variable                  Value 
    Path                   C:\CA_APPSW 

Figure 3

Another reason for the error is if CAICCI-PC is not installed. CAICCI-PC can be installed off the IDMS Server, or Visual DBA CDROM.

To verify CAICCI-PC is on the PC; go to Start/Programs/CAICCI NT Applications should be listed. Another way to check is in Windows/Control Panel/System/System Properties/Advanced/Environment Variables/. In the User Variables the Path statement should include C:\CA_APPSW. The C drive should contain a folder called CA_APPSW.

Other commonly-encountered SQLSTATE values, and their meanings, follows :

01000General warning
01001Cursor operation conflict
01002Disconnect error
01003NULL value eliminated in set function
01004String data, right-truncated
01006Privilege not revoked
01007Privilege not granted
01S00Invalid connection string attribute
01S01Error in row
01S02Option value changed
01S06Attempt to fetch before the result set returned the first rowset
01S07Fractional truncation
01S08Error saving File DSN
01S09Invalid keyword
07001Wrong number of parameters
07002COUNT field incorrect
07005Prepared statement not a cursor-specification
07006Restricted data type attribute violation
07009Invalid descriptor index
07S01Invalid use of default parameter
08001Client unable to establish connection
08002Connection name in use
08003Connection does not exist
08004Server rejected the connection
08007Connection failure during transaction
08S01Communication link failure
21S01Insert value list does not match column list
21S02Degree of derived table does not match column list
22001String data, right-truncated
22002Indicator variable required but not supplied
22003Numeric value out of range
22007Invalid datetime format
22008Datetime field overflow
22012Division by zero
22015Interval field overflow
22018Invalid character value for cast specification
22019Invalid escape character
22025Invalid escape sequence
22026String data, length mismatch
23000Integrity constraint violation
24000Invalid cursor state
25000Invalid transaction state
25S01Transaction state
25S02Transaction is still active
25S03Transaction is rolled back
28000Invalid authorization specification
34000Invalid cursor name
3C000Duplicate cursor name
3D000Invalid catalog name
3F000Invalid schema name
40001Serialization failure
40002Integrity constraint violation
40003Statement completion unknown
42000Syntax error or access violation
42S01Base table or view already exists
42S02Base table or view not found
42S11Index already exists
42S12Index not found
42S21Column already exists
42S22Column not found
44000WITH CHECK OPTION violation
HY000General error
HY001Memory allocation error
HY003Invalid application buffer type
HY004Invalid SQL data type
HY007Associated statement is not prepared
HY008Operation canceled
HY009Invalid use of null pointer
HY010Function sequence error
HY011Attribute cannot be set now
HY012Invalid transaction operation code
HY013Memory management error
HY014Limit on the number of handles exceeded
HY015No cursor name available
HY016Cannot modify an implementation row descriptor
HY017Invalid use of an automatically allocated descriptor handle
HY018Server declined cancel request
HY019Non-character and non-binary data sent in pieces
HY020Attempt to concatenate a null value
HY021Inconsistent descriptor information
HY024Invalid attribute value
HY090Invalid string or buffer length
HY091Invalid descriptor field identifier
HY092Invalid attribute/option identifier
HY095Function type out of range
HY096Invalid information type
HY097Column type out of range
HY098Scope type out of range
HY099Nullable type out of range
HY100Uniqueness option type out of range
HY101Accuracy option type out of range
HY103Invalid retrieval code
HY104Invalid precision or scale value
HY105Invalid parameter type
HY106Fetch type out of range
HY107Row value out of range
HY109Invalid cursor position
HY110Invalid driver completion
HY111Invalid bookmark value
HYC00Optional feature not implemented
HYT00Timeout expired
HYT01Connection timeout expired
IM001Driver does not support this function
IM002Data source name not found and no default driver specified
IM003Specified driver could not be loaded
IM004Driver's SQLAllocHandle on SQL_HANDLE_ENV failed
IM005Driver's SQLAllocHandle on SQL_HANDLE_DBC failed
IM006Driver's SQLSetConnectAttr failed
IM007No data source or driver specified; dialog prohibited
IM008Dialog failed
IM009Unable to load translation DLL
IM010Data source name too long
IM011Driver name too long
IM012DRIVER keyword syntax error
IM013Trace file error
IM014Invalid name of File DSN
IM015Corrupt file data source