Where can I find New User Experience (UX) knowledge documents?

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Last Modified Date : 08/06/2018
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This article provides a consolidated list of some helpful CA PPM New User Experience related KBs to aid in getting started in the new UX.
Where can I find New User Experience (UX) knowledge documents to aid in getting started with the New UX?
Here is a list of known knowledge articles on the New UX (See additional information section for details on list of known New UX defects):

Unable to edit task dates in some projects in the New User Experience (KB000006279)

In the New (UX), some users are unable to edit tasks as they are not automatically granted the 'Project - Task Management' Right (KB000092907)

How can I add a Custom Attribute to a Blueprint in the New UX (KB000092719)?

In the New UX, Some Attributes Cannot Be Added To Projects (KB000073215)

In the New UX, Project Managers Missing in Project Filter Drop-Down List (KB000072594)

In the New UX Parameterized Lookups show no values (KB00009593)

When a team member is added as a Participant through New UX, the email link still goes to Classic (KB000097158)

After database refresh on a lower environment, my New UX link still points to Production (KB000008293)

Entity required in the CA PPM New User Experience (KB000093266)

Getting errors when navigating to the New UX and the New Timesheets (KB000095747)

New User Experience (New UX) - 'You do not have access to any areas within Administration' message when clicking on Administration button (KB000008667)

NewUX - resource search issue (KB000094959)

Unable to add an API attribute ID value for a Custom attribute on the Project Object (KB000095135)

Two timesheets are being shown in the 'Review & Approve' tab for a user (KB000096845)

Unable to filter out tasks not Open for time Entry in the New UX (KB000100350)

New UX Cost Plan: Unable to see some roles in Drop down (KB000097812)

Where does "Populate from Allocations" and "Populate from Assignments" pull from? (KB000097808​)
Additional Information:
What are the known New User Experience (UX) defects? (KB000093171)