Where can I find logs and what do I need to look at for software delivery problems

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Last Modified Date : 11/10/2018
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I need to know where product logs are located and which ones I need to check in order to diagnose Software Delivery issues. I also need to know how to set proper tracing for SD only to conserve disk space.
Any support ITCM / ITCA Client Automation environment
When there are issue with Software Delivery, clients need to know how to self diagnose issues before having to go to support to ask for help.
CA Client Automation logs are located in the following directory:


This typically translates to a folder like the following but can be elsewhere if a custom install was done:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\DSM\logs"

Software Delivery specific logs have names that begin with the string "TRC_USD_xxxx.log

To set diagnostic tracing when about to reproduce an SD issue, you can run a command like the following on the agent, SS and/or Domain Manager involved with the process:

cftrace -c set -l detail -f USD -s 30000 -ln 4

NOTE: -l and -ln are the lower case versions of -L and -LN (it can be difficult to tell if not already familiar with the command

When done testing and have collected your diagnostic logs, you can run the following command to return tracing levels back to default levels:

cftrace -c set -l error -s 2000 -ln 2