Where are the DB 15.1 CUSMAC, CUSLIB, CUSPROC datasets allocated ?

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Last Modified Date : 30/03/2018
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I am in the process of starting a V14  to V15.1  MUF upgrade using the Active MUF upgrade process.
I cannot find the install job  that actually allocates the new V15.1 CUSPROC , CUSMAC and CUSLIB datasets.   
Where do those data sets get allocated?
CA Datacom 15.1 
The 15.1 CUSMAC, CUSLIB and CUSPROC libraries are allocated and populated when you run BDCUS00.

Have a look in Docops here: https://docops.ca.com/ca-datacom/15-1/en/installing/how-to-perform-an-active-multi-user-facility-upgrade#HowtoPerformanActiveMulti-UserFacilityUpgrade-DefinitionoftheActiveMUFUpgrade

Create the CAI.HLQ.INSTJCL Installation JCL Library

This task is the beginning point for any of the Version 14.0 to Version 15.x upgrade methods. It needs to be performed for each MUF being upgraded because the group of data sets and their contents are unique to a specific MUF.