When Workbench cannot find the file to check in on a remote agent machine

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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User created a remote agent connection in Workbench, then right clicked on a package and selected the Check In process.  On the Find Files window, they provided the folder and file name to check in and clicked "Find", but Workbench searched for a long time and never "found" the file.  Why did this happen?


CA Harvest SCM 12.5 and above, Windows platform


There are many reasons why this could happen.  Here are some troubleshooting tips that might help to find the cause of the problem:

  • If the remote agent is on a Linux or Unix machine, make sure your capitalization and spelling of the file’s name are correct.  You can widen your search by using a wildcard (*) for some or all of the file name.
  • Check to be sure the userid and password used to connect to the remote agent machine have the correct permissions to view the target folder and file.
  • Go to the Agent connection in Workbench and navigate to the folder to be sure the file exists.
  • Increase the logging level on the agent process to gather more information about what might have gone wrong by adding one of these lines to the HAgent.arg file and restarting the agent process:

"-trlvl=1" will detect any connection or login problems the agent encounters.

"-trlvl=2" will detect any data transfer problems.

Note: The logging levels on the agent side cannot be combined, so you may need to try one level, and if you don’t see any information in the agent log, change to the other level and then stop and restart the agent and try it again.

  • Try your checkin with the hci command, targeting the remote agent machine with the “-rm”, “-rport”, “-rusr” and “-rpw” parameters.  You can add the “-tr” parameter to get some additional debug logging in your hci.log file and perhaps find out why Harvest is having trouble finding the file that way.


Workarounds might be:

  • Use the command line "hci" utility instead of Workbench for file check in.
  • Login to the remote agent machine with Putty or Remote Desktop and execute your Check In from there instead of from the Workbench machine.