When will Nimsoft's script editor (e2e_appmon_dev) support the latest WinTask version x64.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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e2e_appmon_dev V2.0

Release Notes

e2e_appmon_dev probe v2.0 download link

The 32 bit version does not allow For automation of 64-bit applications. Windows 2008 servers only have 64-bit Internet Explorer.

e2e_appmon AND e2e_appmon_dev version 2.0 support 64-bit OS and should be able to be deployed with no issues. e2e_appmon_dev provides the full e2e workbench.

We have tested and deployed e2e_appmon_dev on Windows 2008 R2 (64-bit) machine and ran 32-Bit apps only. Please note that still only the 32-bit version of Internet Explorer is supported.

Please note that e2e_appmon AND e2e_appmon_dev version 2.0 do NOT support 64-bit applications and this is mentioned in the Release Notes.

If the current GA probe does not support your needs and you would like to enter a Feature Request for e2e to support 64-bit apps then the process is to submit an Idea. The link below shows instructions on how to do this.

You may also contact your CSM to discuss if and when support for 64-bit apps is going to be added.

The Latest GA Version is now available.
Added support for Wintask 4.0

E2E Appmon 2.0 ? New Features & BenefitS
This release contains the following major enhancements to the probe
  • Storing a recorded script (and associated content) at a central location
    • Scripts are stored as packages in the central archive
    • Screen bitmaps or other dependent files can also be published to the archive
  • Deploying scripts from the central location
    • Ability to deploy archived script/package from IM using distribution manager
    • Ability to deploy to multiple robots in a single transaction
    • Profiles are now auto configured at target robots
  • Bundling of Wintask 4.0
    • Enhanced bitmap precision capability