When we call the API_REST accept alarm command we are getting an error 500.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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We are using the API Rest to close alerts but we are getting a 500 Error.
The problem is that through the REST API that connects to the UMP, we want to close an alarm, however when running get a http 500 error.
However testing other APIs as the one we are using to get the summary of the alarms, its executed successfully.


The following should be used as a first step:
1) delete the webservices_rest from the primary archive
2) download a new version of the 8.4 webservices_rest
3) deactivate wasp
4) rename the following folders to *_old

5) rename the following file
wasp\webapps\webservices_rest.war to webservices_rest.war.old
6) edit the wasp.cfg and set the loglevel =3 and logsize =15000
7) clear the current wasp.log and portal.log
8) deploy a new webservices_rest to the wasp machine
9) activate wasp and test again.
Should the above not work OR you are seeing the below error in the Stack trace being returned by UMP you will need to do the below:
java.lang.RuntimeException: (11) command not found, Received status (11) on response (for sendRcv) for cmd = 'dispatcher'
What this means is that it was trying to run a callback and couldn't find the callback.
In this case, the callback is "dispatcher" and that callback lives in the trellis probe.

This means either trellis is not running on the primary hub, or the callback did not register correctly.
Please deactivate the trellis probe and then activate it and test again.
If the the above does not correct the problem, set the trellis loglevel is set to 3 or higher, restart the probe, retest the problem and open a case with support and provide the logs and .cfg.