The Modeling processing hung at the Layer 2 Mapping

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Last Modified Date : 27/05/2018
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When discover/map new Models by using IP address list, the Modeling processing hung at the Layer 2 Mapping.

Automatic discovery modeling report
Discovery result set entities: 618
Number of created/activated Model number 413/413
 # of created ROUTER devices: 26
 # of created BROUTER devices: 59
 # of created BRIDGE devices: 60
 # of created HOST devices: 258
 # of created PINGABLE devices: 205
Device modeling start time: April 26 15:28:33
Device modeling end time: April 26 15:32:32    
Waiting to complete the router mapping.
The router <IP Address> was Mapped.
The connection informations for the new model are collected.
The ARP table is used to solve the MAC address of possible Ping.

** The Layer 2 Mapping kept waiting **
Too large number of devices are discovered at a time (Entities number: 618).
The situation resolved by following workarounds:

1) Reduce the number of discovered object at a time.
2) Remove the Pingable ARP table option.
 OneClick Utilities > Discovery Console > Discovery Configuration > Modeling Options
    > Protocol Options > Remove the check for the "ARP Tables for Pingables"

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