When using Firefox to refresh a Web Intelligence (WEBI)document, a "OnChangeDocID" error is received.

Document ID : KB000046340
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When using Firefox to refresh a Web Intelligence (WEBI)document, a "OnChangeDocID" error is received.

Clicking on the details of the error shows the following:

com.sap.webi.client.toolkit.exception.WIException: JavaScript error while calling "onChangeDocID"
 at com.sap.webi.client.toolkit.exception.WIExceptionFactory.create(WIExceptionFactory.java:18)
 at com.sap.webi.ui.jrp.JRPUtil.callJSOnEDT(JRPUtil.java:183)
 at com.sap.webi.ui.jrp.JRPUtil.callJS(JRPUtil.java:154)
 at com.sap.webi.ui.jrp.JRPUtil.onChangeDocID(JRPUtil.java:54)
 at com.sap.webi.ui.context.managers.DocumentManager.openDoc(DocumentManager.java:172)
 at com.sap.webi.ui.tasks.workflows.NewDocumentWorkflow.openDocument(NewDocumentWorkflow.java:412)
 at com.sap.webi.ui.tasks.workflows.NewDocumentWorkflow.getNextTask(NewDocumentWorkflow.java:391)
 at com.sap.webi.ui.tasks.workflows.DocumentWorkflow.getNextTask(DocumentWorkflow.java:163) etc

Steps to Reproduce

1.  Install JRE 8 Update 91 or higher and Firefox 38 or higher on a client machine

2.  Using Firefox, log into BI Launchpad and create a new WEBI document using the Applet interface. Select any Universe when prompted

3.  In the Query Panel, drag an object into the Result Objects window and click Run Query

4.  After the report refreshes, the error appears.


CA Business Intelligence (CABI) 4.1 SP5 or lower

Web Intelligence (WEBI) document

Firefox 38 or higher

Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 8 Update 91 or higher


SAP has identified this as a known issue with CABI 4.1 SP5, Firefox 38 or higher and JRE 1.8 Update 91 or higher and has provided the following possible workarounds:

1.  Downgrade Firefox to a version older than version 38

2.  Use an alternate web browser, like Internet Explorer, to create CABI WEBI reports

3.  Change the BI Launchpad to use the HTML interface instead of the JAVA Applet interface.  Note that this will result in some BI Launchpad features to not be available.