When using CA InterTest for CICS, which CNTL Commands and Options are password protected?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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By default, InterTest for CICS will password protect certain CNTL Commands and Options.  These commands and options control either system wide settings and/or storage protection and should be used with caution.     


Which CNTL commands and options are password protected? 

CA InterTest for CICS monitoring application programs in a CICS/TS environment.

CNTL Command               Description 

CNTL=CKPT              Start and end checkpointing
CNTL=END               Stop the execution of InterTest monitoring in a CICS region
CNTL=EXCL              Exclude a program, transaction, or terminal from InterTest monitoring
CNTL=INCL              Allow a program, transaction, or terminal to be monitored by InterTest
CNTL=ABP               Activate and deactivate the global automatic breakpoint facility
CNTL=PURGE             Start and end purging of breakpointed tasks
CNTL=GLOG              Start and end logging of CNTL commands and CORE changes
CNTL=ON,PROG=.ALL      Declare monitoring for all application programs executing in a CICS region
CNTL=OFF,PROG=.ALL     Remove monitoring from all application programs executing in a CICS region 


CNTL Option                   Description


,BYP                   Bypass storage protection or monitoring of BALR 14,15 and BALR 14,14
routines (for XA, BASSM, and BASR)
,CSA=(offset,length)   Do not protect specified areas of CSA or CWA
,LET=name              Do not protect storage occupied by a specified program or module
Do not protect a specified storage area
,MON=location          Set segmented monitoring on
,NOM=location          Set segmented monitoring off
,OVR=errorcode         Disregard an error condition that would typically cause an
                       automatic breakpoint
,STR=ON                Preserve a copy of the CICS Trace Table for the duration of
                       a breakpoint
,TON=*                 Limit monitoring to the current terminal
,TON=terminal id       Limit monitoring to the specified terminal id
,USH=on,               Remove storage protection from storage areas in the shared





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Refer to the following documentation for more information on password protection: