When using CA Date Simulator to change a date for a program the user receives message WARP011I CEEPLPKA :An offset must consist of 1 to 7 hexadecimal characters

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Last Modified Date : 15/03/2019
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The client is setting up a new CA Date Simulator job to change the current date in their program. When the client executes the WARPPARM program to issue the set command for three Store clock instructions-STCK commands the batch job fails with message WARP011I:0002: CEEPLPKA         :An offset must consist of 1 to 7 hexadecimal characters.
The client was not using the correct syntax when when issuing the STCK command for a CEEPLPKA that contains three store clock instructions.
The client had the following syntax
The correct syxtax for a CEEPLPKA module that contains three store clock instructions is 


STCK(program1, offset1; program2, offset2.) 

The STCK parameter is used to specify which Store Clock instructions are to be warped. 

Specify any number of program/offset pairs, where a program name can be 1 to 8 characters long and end with an asterisk (*), and the offset can consist of 1 to 7 hexadecimal characters (directed mode) or an asterisk (automatic mode).