When using 3rd Party Management system that is sending traps to CA Spectrum, if the destination device is not modeled in Spectrum we would like the trap to be asserted on the EventAdmin model and no new Eventmodel models created.

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Last Modified Date : 31/08/2018
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In CA Spectrum when traps are forwarded from devices via a 3rd party management system to Spectrum, by default, the EventAdmin model representing the management system will create new Eventmodel models in Spectrum based on the IP addresses of the traps, if these IP addresses do not correspond to a model already in Spectrum.

In some environments, instead of the default behavior of creating new Eventmodel models (if they do not correspond to a model already in Spectrum) upon receiving traps sent via a 3rd party management system, its required that these traps be asserted instead on the EventAdmin model and no new Eventmodels created.

How can can this be done?
Spectrum 10.0 or later
On the EventAdmin model please check and set the following attribute to Yes:
map_traps_to_this_model_using_IP_header <0x3dc000b> 

This variable allows the EventAdmin model to register its IP address such that all traps sent from that IP will be routed to it.  The EventAdmin then figures out where to send the alarms (i.e. to existing device/port models or EventModels).
Additional Information:
On a Spectrum Distributed Environment (DSS) you may also want to set the following attribute to Yes as well:

SBG_AlertForwardingEnabled <0x3dc000c>

By setting this value to “Yes”, the EventAdmin model can search other landscapes to find the appropriate models to dispose the events to.