When trying to run an ITCM BOXI report or any WEBI report from Infoview, I get the error "HTTP Status 400 - Invalid path /AnalyticalReporting/WebiView was requested", and you are unable to view the WEBI report.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When trying to run an ITCM BOXI report using Infoview, you may received the following error:

"HTTP Status 400 - Invalid path /AnalyticalReporting/WebiView was requested"

type Status report

message Invalid path /AnalyticalReporting/WebiView was requested

description The request sent by the client was syntactically incorrect (Invalid path /AnalyticalReporting/WebiView was requested).

Figure 1


You will see this error when using Internet Explorer 9 with CABI 3.2 as IE9 is not currently supported with CABI 3.2.
If you use IE 8 in compatibility mode or Firefox the report should be fully functional.

For a list of supported browsers and OS platforms consult the "supported platforms SP3- Windows.pdf" included in the Docs folder of the CABI 3.2 installation media.

At the time of this publication the following Browsers were listed as supported for use with CABI 3.2:

Supported Browsers

Browser OSBrowserJVM
Apple Mac OS XFirefox 3.0Apple 1.5.0_xx
Apple 1.6.0_xx
Firefox 3.5Apple 1.5.0_xx
Apple 1.6.0_xx
Safari 3.2.x (1)Apple 1.5.0_xx
Apple 1.6.0_xx
Safari 4.0.3+ (1)Apple 1.5.0_xx
Apple 1.6.0_xx
Microsoft WindowsFirefox 3.0Sun 1.5.0_xx
Sun 1.6.0_02+
Firefox 3.5Sun 1.5.0_xx
Sun 1.6.0_xx
IE 6.0 SP2Sun 1.5.0_xx
Sun 1.6.0_02+
IE 7.0Sun 1.5.0_xx
Sun 1.6.0_02+
IE 8.0 (2)Sun 1.5.0_xx
Sun 1.6.0_xx

(1) Not supported by Performance Management.

(2) Only Compatibility Mode supported.