When trying to obtain DB2 metrics using CE-APM or native Sysview's DB2 option why am I receiving the access denied error?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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I am unable to display DB2 metrics using the CE-APM or Sysview for DB2 interface.  The XNET logfile states:

Listener error: PXNWTSS function BIND - 13: Access denied 


CE-APM, Sysview (DB2 option), Sysview Performance Management Option for DB2 for z/OS, CA PTXNET (commonly known as XNET)


For some reason TCPIP would not allow the CE-APM or Sysview users the ability to bind to the port that was established for XNET (in this case 60000).



The error: Listener error: PXNWTSS function BIND - 13: Access denied as seen in the XNET logfile is stating that TCPIP (for some undetermined reason)

will not allow a socket bind to XNET's port 60000.  Specifying a different port number (e.g. 5678) in the XNET started task, Sysview's DB2 parmlib

member, and the Wily-Introscope's properties file, and then cycling the XNET and CE-APM started tasks corrected the access denied condition, allowing the successful

display of DB2 metrics..