When trying to install the ITCM Universe for CA Business Intelligence (CABI) using the "Install CA ITCM BI Reporting" Wizard, the installer will hang after entering the ITCM MDB Settings.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When launching the ITCM patch to install the ITCM Universe for CABI 3.2, the installer will freeze after hitting "Next" on "Enter CA ITCM MDB credentials" screen of the installer.

No error message is displayed and it will hang until you kill the "java.exe" process running the installer in task manager.

Figure 1


This will usually happen if you have the wrong version of Java installed on the CABI server or Java is not installed at all.

The release notes for the current ITCM patch states that you need "JRE 1.6.0_18 or later", however we have seen problems with some versions of Java despite being newer then JRE 1.6.0_18.

For example, we have found that "Java 6 Update 3(" works with the current ITCM patch RO32419, but other intermediate builds may not.

An easy trick to ensure you have the correct version of Java installed for use with ITCM and CABI is to follow the steps below.

  1. Uninstall the current version of Java from "Add/Remove Programs".

  2. Launch an IE browser and login to Infoview

  3. Go to "Folders->Public Folders->CA Reports->CA Standard Report Templates->Webi Templates" and select any of the Web reports by right clicking a report and selecting "View"

    Figure 2

  4. Once the report Opens, select "Edit" from the toolbar,

    Figure 3

  5. This will run a check to see if the correct Java version is installed and if not it should display a screen like below, please click the hyperlink " Java Virtual machine"

    Figure 4

    It may also just give you a pop-up Window asking if you would like to install Java which you should accept.
    This should install "Java 6 Update 3(" which will work with the ITCM Universe installer. (If not, a manual install of this build should be carried out)

  6. Retry the install of the ITCM patch and it should now proceed to the final screen where you can select "Deploy"

    Figure 5

    Once the hourglass mouse pointer stops and you see exit code zero if you scroll all the way down the output window, you will see a message indicating you have successfully installed the ITCM Universe.

    If there are any errors during the install they will be displayed in the output window as well, please make note of these and either search support.ca.com or open a support ticket with the full output of the Window.