When trying to change or manipulate a file downloaded by CA WA System Agent via SFTP/FTP, the jobs may fail due to file locks.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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A command job may fail when it is trying to rename or move a file that was previously downloaded using CA WA System Agent's FTP/SFTP plugin.

CA WA System Agent 11.3OS: Windows

The job may fail with the following or a similar error:

1/07/2017 02:31:01.990 ..... MY_RENAME_JOB/SPECIAL_APP_DAILY.1/MAIN State FAILED Cmpc(1) SetEnd JobLogId(123456789ABCDE1111C21C4C1740C589XXXXX) | to tcpip@DE_TEST 

MY_RENAME_JOB/SPECIAL_APP_DAILY.1/MAIN Start date Tue Nov 07 02:31:01 2017----------------------------------------------------------------The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.") FileSize(370) Lengths(64 124 35 64 79 ) DataStatus(EOF) Plugin(runner)| 

The file may be locked due to an antivirus scan.  There may be other process as well that may have lock on the newly downloaded files.


Normally, the Windows antivirus scan will try to scan anything that gets downloaded to the system.  You may need to make an exception or have the antivirus scan and release the files as quickly as possible.  If the files are still locked, then agent restart is required to properly release the locks.