When stopping the CA Spectrum SpectroSERVER it does not shutdown and stops at ?Stopping CORBA Communication?

Document ID : KB000029706
Last Modified Date : 25/04/2019
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When stopping the SpectroSERVER it does not shutdown and stops at “Stopping CORBA Communication”

During shutdown of the SpectroSERVER, Spectrum requests a shutdown of all CORBA applications.  Occasionally, the CORBA applications may not reply and the SpectroSERVER is stuck in stopping.


Unfortunately if this happens you will have to kill the SpectroSERVER and load a previously known, good, saved SSdb.

An option in the .vnmrc will bypass CORBA shutdown.  To activate this option, please enter the following line to the bottom of the .vnmrc and restart the SpectroSERVER.



Note: There are no harmful side effects to have CA CORBA applications shutdown without permission, however if you are a CORBA App developer you may want to verify that your CORBA apps can handle a shutdown without permission before implementing this solution.