When searching for knowledge documents, the "Words beginning with" filter does not work when the search keyword is "inf".

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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This document explains why you may see differing results when searching for documents with partial keywords such as 'inf' as in 'infrastructure' or 'test' as in 'test01' as seen in the screenshot below. 



The Knowledge Search does not return expected Knowledge Documents (KDs) when the match 'Words beginning with' filter is specified and a keyword such as 'inf' is used.  Is this a bug?

Here are the steps to reproduce.

When the search keyword 'test' is used with the with the 'Words beginning with…'  match option the KD that contains the word 'test01' is returned as below:



When a similar search is used it using the keyword 'inf' using the 'Words beginning with…' match filter the document that contains the word 'infrastructure' is not returned:





CA Service Desk Manager r12.9, r14.1

This is due to the prefixes function in the when using keyword search.

The prefixes are stored in the EBR_PREFIXES table. By default, the table contains the following rows.

{ "1" , "after" }
{ "2" , "anti" }
{ "3" , "infra" }
{ "4" , "non" }
{ "5" , "semi" }
{ "6" , "ultra" }

In a knowledge document that contains any of these words, that word will not be indexed. The entries in the EBR_PREFIXES are used to decide a whether a word with those prefixes is an escape word and therefore not returned from a search. This behaviour is a design.

In the above scenario, the keyword 'inf' is contained the prefix 'infra' in the EBR_PREFIXES table, and therefore is ignored by the search.