When running the Configuration tool (pdm_configure), entries are missing in the Server Process Configuration dropdown list after Converting configuration from Conventional (primary, secondary) to Advanced Availability. Default is in the dropdown list.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When running the CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM) Configuration tool (i.e. pdm_configure), during the Config Options phase, the dropdown list of values in the Server Processes Configuration section, which is used to select a configuration for this server, does not include the expected entries from the Configuration List (via Administration tab of the CA SDM GUI > System > Configurations). 

In some cases, the dropdown list may only contain 1 value which is "Default". 

This could occur, for example, when an environment has been converted from a Conventional configuration to Advanced Availability. 


For example, the Server Configuration that is selected during the Select Config phase of the Configuration tool is Advanced Availability, as shown in the first screenshot, and later, during the Config Options phase, only "Default" is in the dropdown, as shown in the third screenshot. 

Note that the second screenshot which shows a Warning message when converting from Conventional to Advanced Availability is only presented the first time that pdm_configure is run on the Primary server and OK is selected.


Screenshot #1: Select Config - run the Configuration tool on the server and select Advanced Availability:

configuration select AA


Screenshot #2: MS SQL Database Config - Warning popup message, received on first run only, click OK:

configure switch primary to background


Screenshot #3: Config Options - click on the dropdown arrow to view and select an entry from the dropdown list:

pdm_configure only Default in dropdown

CA Service Desk Manager 12.9 and above.

When the current configuration is Advanced Availability, then the only configurations in the dropdown list are those that have the "Advanced Availability" field set to YES.  If the field is set to NO, then the configuration is not included in the dropdown list.

When the current configuration is Conventional, then configurations that have "Advanced Availability" set to YES are not listed in the dropdown.

Using the CA Service Desk Manager web interface, login as an Administrator, and check the details of each expected configuration.  Confirm that the missing configurations have "Advanced Availability" set to NO. 

Note: It is also possible that a configuration is not in the dropdown list because the configuration is not Active; in that case, to confirm which configurations, if any, are not active, use the Search Filter to display the configurations that have the Record Status set to Inactive.

For example, in the screenshot below, TestConfig01 had been used with the Conventional configuration, and so that configuration is marked with NO in the Advanced Availability field of TestConfig01 Configuration Detail.  When the Configuration tool is run and the Advanced Availability configuration is selected in the Select Config phase, TestConfig01 is not present in the dropdown displayed by the tool during the Config Options phase.

configurations Advanced Availability



Create a new configuration (do not use Copy to copy an existing configuration that has Advanced Availability set to NO).  Confirm that the Advanced Availability field is automatically set to YES.  Then, re-run the Configuration tool.

When the Configuration tool is re-run after creating the new Advanced Availability configuration, it is possible to select the new configuration from the dropdown.

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