When running program ETCL#RPT with PARM='REF=030' or PARM='UNREF=030' I get very high CPU times.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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I get very high CPU times when running program ETCL#RPT with PARM='REF=030' or PARM='UNREF=030':

I see 46 mins CPU and nearly an hour elapsed!!

When I run with PARM='BOTH', it takes just 5 seconds CPU.



CA Cleanup for RACF


The situation you are seeing is in fact normal:

  • When you specify PARM=BOTH, there is in effect no major selection criteria.

  • When you specify PARM='REF=030' we have to create storage for each object that we have decided matches the criteria.

This will require a large number of GETMAINs depend on the size of databases etc.

Additional Information:

Note: if you use the report to create commands to delete entries and you execute those commands, the next time you run the report there will not be as many entries to be retained in our tables and the report will run much quicker.

Also please note the difference between these applicable SAMPJCL members:

DBRPT: This is the report-only job with no command generation. The GETMAINs will not occur. The job should run with very low overhead. So this type of job could run frequently without any performance problem.

DBRPTC: This report job will actually also generate commands. Generating commands will make the processing expensive. These GETMAINs must be done in order to remember what objects are to be deleted and correlated with the RACF security file. So this type of report should not run frequently.