When putting load on our environment, Policy Server reports randomly authreason 38

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Last Modified Date : 05/04/2018
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We run Web Agent, and when the same user login within the same second, the first tentative fails as the second with the same credentials succeeds :
  [Az][AzAccept][][myagent][04/Sep/2017:11:37:59 +0000][myagent] 

  [Auth][AuthReject][38][myagent][04/Sep/2017:11:37:59 +0000][myagent] 
  [GET][myuserstore][master failover,master 
  failover,master failover,master 
  failover,master failover,master 
  failover,master failover,master 

  curl -H "Authorization: Basic bTk1MDAzNzoxMjNWbGllZ251b3Ah" -H "Cookie: SMCHALLENGE=YES" https://myhost.mydomain.com/protected/ 

  This script runs 20 Authentications a minute; 

Why is this happening? How can we fix this? 
Web Agent R12.52 SP1 CR01 on Apache 2.2 on RedHat 6.6 64 bit; 
User Store on Novell eDir LDAP 8.8.8;
This issue occurs because the Policy Server tries to update a field that the Novell LDAP Server hasn't replicated completely.
Disable "Track successful logins" on the password policies to solve this issue, or tune the LDAP Server replication to cope with the load you put on the environment.