When pre-registering a machine in CA Client Automation DSM Explorer you receive a popup error "Another computer with same MAC address is already defined [OSG000202]."

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Last Modified Date : 27/07/2018
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While trying to pre-register a machine in the DSM Explorer you receive an error:

[OSG000202] "Another computer with same MAC address is already defined " 




CA Client Automation versions 12.x variants 



  1. Open the DSM Explorer.
  2. Under Computers and Users/All Users Accounts search for users that are prefixed with the machine name in question and delete them.*
  3. Do the same for All User Profiles.

*NOTE: As the computer you added may not have the same name as existing machines with the same MAC address, you can do the following to identify duplicates:
1. Open DSM Explorer and browse to Computers and Users -> All Computers
2. Find the 'Filters' item  on the left side of the larger right side display.
3. Scroll to the bottom of the 'Filters' box and  select 'Editor'
4. In the window that appears, use the 'Column:' pull-down to select 'MAC Address'
5. Use the 'Condition:' pull-down to select 'matches'
6. In the box labeled 'Value:' enter the MAC address of the unit being pre-registered.
7. Click the button called 'Add to list'
8. Click 'OK'
9. A new filter will now appear at the bottom of the 'Filters' list called 'MAC Address' containing the MAC address you specified.
10. You can now use this box to search on any MAC address you wish to find machines sharing the same MAC address.
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