When issuing a SUBMIT command via an &INTCMD NCL verb in a NCL procedure, the SUBMIT command may be flushed and does not complete.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When using the &INTCMD verb in combination with the SUBMIT command in a NCL procedure, the SUBMIT may be flushed and not executed. When using an &INTCMD verb with a SUBMIT command in this format:

&INTCMD SUBMIT userid command...

The following message may be seen:



The &INTCMD NCL verb is designed to issue a product command from the current NCL processing environment and then the command responses are passed back to the current environment for further processing. The SUBMIT command issues a command in a specific processing environment other than the current environment, so no command responses will be returned for further processing. Thus, there is no need to issue a SUBMIT command via an &INTCMD verb. If the current processing environment ends before the SUBMIT command completes, the SUBMIT will be flushed.


Do not issue a SUBMIT command via an &INTCMD verb in a NCL procedure. There is no need to do this since no command responses will be returned from the command issued by the SUBMIT. If you need to use a SUBMIT command, you should issue it in your NCL as is without prefacing it with the &INTCMD verb.

Additional Information:

The usage of the &INTCMD verb is described in the product documentation located here: